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Muleshoe, TX woman runs
TV station 18 miles from Earth!

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If you choose, we'll upload your story to a video hosting site such as YouTube and we'll also present it here for our audience.

Prices start at $600.

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I've been a network news cameraman, video editor and producer since 1982 and I honed my skills as an anchor, journalist, photographer and editor in local television news prior to that.

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For $600, I'll shoot your personal/professional event for up to two hours on location and edit a news story of up to two minutes in length.

What can you do with the story? Share it, copy the DVD (its not protected video) or hand it out to local media. If you choose, we'll upload your story to YouTube (or any other online video host) and we'll also include here for our audience on our forthcoming The News of Texas .com site.

That's me with the camera in the picture above. It was 1985 and Mexico City had been hit by two earthquakes. I was sent to cover the first earthquake and was there to experience the second. I was assigned to Tom Brokaw and we were being taken on a walking tour of the devestation by the president of Mexico. In the center picture of the group in the upper left, you can see me holding my camera as I stand in front of one of the heavily damaged buildings.

I've shot a thousand stories or more for major network broadcast over the years. As a freelance editor for NBC News and CBS News in New York working out of their Dallas bureaus I've cut many hundreds of stories for network news shows such as NBC Nightly News, The Today Show and CBS Evening News. The stories are among the menu choices on the left. Explore and enjoy.



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